One small step…

So I’ve seen that quite a few fellow hobbiest’s keep blogs and its always interested me. I enjoy putting up pictures on Facebook, Instagram and the like but quite a lot of those people dont actually game /paint so this will be a good medium to get my work out to people who do similiar stuff, probably a lot better stuff, but still similar. I will be trying to keep a semi regular schiedule with this, there will be lots of pictures on the many projects I do. I’ve been called a butterfly gamer due to the fact that I “flit” from game to game. I am hoping that a blog will keep me grounded and eventualy get my pile of unpainted mini’s down a little. If nothing else then at least I can use it to justify buying new models when the time comes.
So whats on the work bench just now?
I have some Dropzone Commander PHR for a friend, going to be doing a digital hex camo for those. Some 15mm Early War Plastic Soldier Company Germans for Flames of War, working on a Czech Panzer Company.
There are many pics to follow 🙂


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