Poor Colour Choice

So now I can see the finished product on the Digi Hex camo I can see a few issues with it. The Anarchy Models stencil is excellent, by far and away the best of the stencils I have used however I have chosen the wrong models to use it on. Looking back a 3 colour tiger stripe camo may have been better suited to the task of the more delicate scout walkers for the PHR. Deciding after the 3rd layer to add a 4th payer that totally offsets the balance of the colours was a bad idea also. I initially thought it would work quite well but now its all said and done I’m quite unhappy with how similar the Black Grey is to the German Grey. Its damn well obvious looking at them now but at the time I wasnt to sure how it would turn out. Also I failed to let a layer dry fully causing some.minor paint striping to occur. Yet another lesson, stick to the bloody 24 hour rule for airbrush stencil work. Anyway without much more hoo ha here is the final stage of the airbrushing.


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