So I finally manged to get time to get a game in and it was pretty awesome. Only really played one game of Dropzone before yesterday and it was a learning game so didnt get a real feel for the game. Managed to squeeze in two games at the local wargames club and once you get the game down its a proper face paced game. It really feels like a quick to learn, long time to master sort of game. I sadly lost both games but both were right down to the wire on turn 6 with it going back and forth between myself and my opponent. I have to say it is a lot more fun than 40K, having been the game that got me into wargames a long long time ago, this just feels much more fluid and the rules are much more concise so far. I have already planned my purchases for Claymore in a few weeks time. A few pictures of the games below, was to busy playing to take pictures so only a few, also taken on a cameraphone so not the best quality.

Initially I wasnt a huge fan of the camo scheme I had selected but seeing them on the table I think it looks ok. Its quick and easy to do and for a skirmish game where the models spend a lot of time in between terrain it does work. I can see myself getting a second force at some point, probably PHR, and doing something different with them. Perhaps doing a similiar digi camo effect but with other colours this time.


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