Sunday Session

Another Sunday and another few games of Dropzone Commander down. We played three games today, UCM vs PHR on all three. Myself with my UCM and Sean using his PHR. 

Our first two games were attack/defend missions with two major objectives in a tower block each. The attackers job was to get both off table and the defender just had to stop them suceeding. In the first games my UCM took on the role of attacker and managed to steal one of the objectives but failed to get the other, takng relatively light losses but sadly after 6 turns Sean came out on top. 

The result of a CQB to take one of the tower blocks

Saving the AA from some PHR anti tank goodness

Game two saw us trade places and I took on the role of defender. I learned from the first game and decided early on to fly my AA up the right flank and get them beind a building while driving my tanks up the centre to take out the PHR anti tank units.

The UCM form line to advance down the narrow alleys to get the PHR anti tank walkers

This game ended in a UCM victory as I wiped the anti tank walkers leaving my AA to drive around the backfield unmolested and rake the PHR dropships out the sky. Sean decided to split his troops and was unsucessful on one of the buildings, my heroic UCM troops kicked some ass. The others did manage to get the objective but a lone PHR Armoured Infantry Vehicle stood no chance against 3 UCM MBT’s

PHR troops assault a UCM controlled building with the objective inside.

Our third and final game was a Sieze Control table quarters game. Sean decides to bring out the big guns in this game with his Hades as well as the Tritons and Janus walkers I had painted. My plan was to hide and control three quarters however I seen a massive scorpion walker and decides that trying to kill ot was a much more fitting victory condition.

Trition with Janus scout walkers

Needless to say I would have been fine had I stuck to my plan but it all went sideways when I abandoned my troops and went for the walker.

Trying to hide from the big beastie

Sean ended up winning 2 to 1 with the fourth quarter being contested. Sadly I only managed to get one point of damage on the monster walker but I have already made plans for next time.

Saturday is Claymore, the Scottish Wargames show, and I am thinking maybe a Ferrum, a few Ravens, Praetorians and after that I am not sure. 

Chasing the UCM off the table, sad times

I enjoyed seeing my painted work on the table, they do look good if I say so.


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