Claymore 2016 Prep

Claymore sneaks up on us again this Saturday, I put a few figures in the painting comp last year but they were True Scale Deathwatch and honestly not that great so as expected got no where. Ill throw a few pictures up for you all to have a giggle at.

Not the best quality pictures but good enough to get accross the painting quality.

This year I decided to throw in two models from my Imperial Fists, my favourite sculpt from any GW game line the Terminator Chaplain and also the Forge World Alexis Pollux. Both of these are, I feel, better quality than the Deathwatch guys but still a lot of areas that I can improve on.

In other news Operation Panzer rolls on at a snails pace. Rommel is 99.99% finished however the 38t horde is still a WIP. I have based them for spraying and plan on getting to them at some point this week…ish.

Next up on the GW front will be finishing off the Big E as well as sorting out Lorgar. He has been half finished for what feels like a million years. Few pics below on his current state.

He looks very unhappy at being left for so long.

Until next time…


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