Post Claymore Blues

Claymore is over so the next major show in Scotland is now Carronade, it feels like its a million years away, thankfully its only around 9 month away, not that I am counting down or anything. Claymore since its move from the old sports stadium to the new college feels like it has grown and this year was definitely the best organised I have seen it. This is most apparent in the bring and buy section that evolves every year. The traders again were top quality however I still think that Carronade is now thee premier Scottish Wargames show. All that was missing was a painting competition, mostly because I didn’t check the website and assumed that there was one.

The haul from Claymore wasn’t as impressive as I had hoped. I wasn’t able to find any traders who did UCM for Dropzone however I did buy over 20 quids worth of I-94 decals for my various projects. Most impressive was my £50 absolute steal of a PHR deal. Pictures below will show how absurd it was. I have since traded this to Sean as he does PHR and I really don’t fancy doing another Dropzone army so close to Dropfleet coming out.

In other news I did pick up Team Yankee from one of the traders although the plan is to do it in 6mm so I can utilise the small Soviet B grade Armoured force I have kicking around. I am going to proxy my T-62’s as T-72’s until I play a few games and maybe I will upgrade to a few proper T-72’s. Other than that it was mostly paints. I have a crazy number of paints and I still keep getting tempted to buy the Vallejo sets…soon.

This week I hope to get my airbrush back up and running and if I can I will be blasting through my 38(t)’s and the three new Panzer II’s that I picked up.

Until next time…


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