Paint Rack

So I seen an app on my adventures through WordPress that you imout your paint collection into and it helps you pick out triads etc using the paints you have. I decided to pick it up but havent got around to using it properly yet, I used the rapid scan feature to go through my Vallejo and P3 paints and then I hit the snag of GW’s super duper tiny barcodes on their paints and had the joy of imputing in all of them by hand. I am hoping that it will be worth it long term as the app looks quite good. PaintRack is the app’s and it cost around 3 quid.

Some of my PaintRack 

I will do a proper review after a few weeks of using it.

Three of my trays of paints, you can never have to many paints, this is around half my collection

More work on the Big E/Rogal Dorn. Finishing the blade of the power sword then its just the minor details. Im sure ive been saying that for weeks now


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