Slow News Day…

It’s been a super quiet week on the hold hobby front for myself sadly. Real Life gets in the way all to often of the things I enjoy doing. My wargames club has been cancelled on Sunday sadly due so I am planning on having a monster hobby day while my better half is at work.

I have had the odd hour here and there to get things done however but not enough time to make good progress. Operation Panzer has advanced a little, I have added the Decal Fix onto the area’s that the tank numbering and icons will be going. Hoping to actually get around to this tonight depending on what happens when I get home.

The Big E has half of his power sword masked off so I can airbrush the other side of the power field effects on, this is on the list for Sunday.

I have a figure that I was suppose to paint for a friend a few months ago kicking around that I have finally started properly. I did a poor job on the skin way back and then it went onto my To Do Shelf and just never got picked up again. I’ll get some pics of this up on Sunday. I believe he is called Moist Von something or other. The Postman from the Discworld series.

The more I write the more it feels like I have a list as long as my arm to get done, I’ll need to get a To Do List sorted and get it up and start giving myself some deadlines.

Until next time 🙂


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