Real Life Interuptions

So its been a while, real life really has a way of stopping your hobby in its tracks, some family stuff that will sorted by the weekend then hopefully back on track. I have bee doing the odd bit of hobby when I get a chance however.

Work on the Early War Germans continues, now that the Panzers are sorted I am moving onto the infantry and they are sort of getting there. This shoddy picture is of them post wash, just need to do the helmets, add the Heer symbol then get them based. So I am about 50% of the way thru with them:

Also picked up some more DZC stuff for my UCM. I traded away the PHR pile from the show to my friend who already plays PHR and he gave me some UCM stuff in return. Few pics below of what I have to paint:

All in thats 4 Ravens (2 A and 2 B), a Ferrum, Kodiak, starter box plus 2 boxes of super special troops, cannot remember their name for the life of me. 


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