Weekend Warrior

The power is out in my office so I can actually get around to updating this. Its been a hectic week with a funeral and trying to sort out all the stuff that goes with that around work. Now that its all over and I have had the weekend to blow off some steam I managed to get a wee bit of work done yesterday morning. 

This load of DZC UCM has been set up and sprayed Army Painter Camo Green (Imperial Guard Green). I was on that much of a roll I didnt even photograph them. After the green dried I airbrushed them brown (Vallejo Air Mahogany). Honestly its a very poor representation of a camo scheme but its 10mm and I wanted them painted for the tabletop. It was at this point I realised I was half way thru de-spruing my Early War Germans and went back to finish those. 

20 bases of infantry, 3 spotter teams and 6 command bases. Not bad for a single box. 

The quality of the PSC stuff isnt on par with the Battlefront stuff but honestly in 15mm who cares. Look at the picture and can you really tell the difference. If it was heroic 28mm or even 54mm I understand but anything 15mm and below within reason doesnt need all that much detail. Just plenty of decent bulk detail that you can contrast paint. 

Panzer Force Blue is nearing completion. I was given a few Cardassian ships to paint for a friend so they are next on the chopping block then I will hopefully have found my balls and actually tackle the NMM Gold effect I habe been shying away from for so long. 

Until next time 🙂


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