A proper PHR spanking

That is exactly what I was given yesterday. My UCM was thoughly owned on the battlefield by some pretty poor tactical choices on my side and some really well calculated play by my opponent. We were playing 1500pts UCM v PHR. I cannot remember the mission however it had the massive tower in the middle. 

My initial plan was to take the tower quickly and hold it for the duration however this put me well out of support range for my tanks and AA and the building took a pounding. I took most of my INF casualties from falling masonry. The PHR interceptor is an absolute beast and outclassed my two A10’s.

Super quick dash for the big building in the middle.

In the end up I was left with a Ferrum, Kodiak and some Rapiers. Lessons were definitly learned 🙂 

Drones try to take out some heavy PHR toys


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