Decided to hop on the AoS bandwagon and picked up the starter box with a friend. As usual with GW box sets its really good value. I worked it out at roughly £300 in the box and we got it for £75 (rrp I believe). Models are epic quality as per current GW sculpting. The Sigmarines really are just a lost Legion in the fantasy realm. Decided to just do a super quick job on these guys so base coated them with Halfords Grey primer then a quick covering in a gold from Montana Gold. Below is a quick snap as I was on my way out the door to play a game of Flames of War.

And a close up of one of my favourite GW models since the Terminator Chaplain.

Plan for these guys is a super quick job. The blues will be put down first then the rest of the smaller details, finishing it off with a wash of Sepia. Basing wise I think the cracking earth effect paint GW does will look good. 


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