For Sigmar!!!!

Progress rolls on slowly with my Sigmarines, managed an hour tonight and did a little test work with the basing as well. My friend went to our local GW and picked up the cracked earth paints they have. I have had Martian Ironearth (i believe its called) since it came out but never used it properly. He sent me a picture of his bases and it reminded me of a lava base turorial I seen on Youtube a while back. 

My friends Warp glow basing, I really love this as its different from the usual lava base however I wanted to try it out with a little more traditional approach before I try the warp glow.

My little experiment pre Ironearth application. I am leaving the colours to dry and will paint it tomorrow morning before work. Hopefully it will come out looking ok and then I can look at replicating cracked ice and the like.

Two quick shots of the units, still WIP. Hoping to get a good run at them either Thursday night or Saturday afternoon.


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