Third time is a charm I hope, set up my quick test for the crackle basing (sounds like a Lego Movie device) and it looks weird, pictures of said weirdness below:

It is a very unsexy wet gloopy mess, hopefully when I wake up tomorrow morning it will be a much more sexy looking lava-ish base. Fingers crossed.

I figured that since I am working away at the basing for the AoS Sigmarines I should actually do the models. I had a good 2 hours working on them tonight while watching American History X and I think I made quite good progress. As usual I have a few pictures at the end, just a rather important point before you see them:

  • I am speed painting, AoS interests me but not enough to spend hours on each model, it is sadly not BloodBowl :-p

99% of the blocking work is done now so its just odds and sods to get finished then I can wash them, seal them and base them. If I continue at my usual rate of progress expect them to be done some time early 2018 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Actually my curfew is the end of the month, with Dropfleet Commander (Battlefleet Gothic v2) coming out I need a clear desk for that and I still have a load of UCM to finish as well. 

Best get cracking… 


3 thoughts on “ExperiMental”

    1. I think it was used by people who wanted to bring them down for being to 40K looking but it fits them so well πŸ™‚ cheers mate I know they wont look Golden Daemon level with my mad dash through them but glad they don’t look like a total pile if shit. Few things in movies make me cringe like the curb stomp, the noise of the teeth is horrible

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