A little 4 way action

Yesterday we managed another game of DZC at our club, we close to play a modified version of the 4 way mission in the core rulebook. The central building held the Intel and all 4 of us were required to extract it, as you can imagine with 4 armies dropping on one site it was total carnage. 

I had my UCM out again as my Shaltari are still on sprues and nails being painted, Robin was on my left and had some UCM also. On my right was Bob with his PHR and opposate me was Andy with his PHR. All four of us were using core sets as this is only Andy and Robin’s second game however we did add in some enviromental rules, specifically the lurker’s I believe they are called. 

My well used starter force, will need to get them some veteran markers soon

On the roll of a 6 when you enter a building these big nasties jump out at you and attack the squad. I was luckey enough to get three of these over the course of the game. As youcan imagine  with my infantry being rather squidgy it caused me all sorts of hassle.

First turn dash for the smaller building on my left to secure my flank, using the other building as a shield from those pesky PHR snipers with their Shaped Charges.

The game started out quite tentative as both UCM and PHR had some interal fighting. Eventually as some back and forth Robin decided to make a dash for the main building using the slight terrain advantage he had at his disposal. 

 My guys set up on overwatch and start to rain down rocket launcher shots on the Rapiers while Bob’s PHR picked up an excelent vantage point for the sniper rifles

The game ended a bit prematurely after an epic hand to hand battle that I didnt get pictures of. As I entered the objective building I rolled two 6’s and we got two of those big nasty creatures in a 3 way fight. Robin’s UCM infantry proved harder than mines as he killed both my squads then both the nasties. Sadly he was unable to exfil with the objective as Andy wiped out his transport options. The game was called a draw and since Robin was first to stop fighting and go for the objective he earned the title of Traitor, never to be forgotten.


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