Weekend Warrior

The power is out in my office so I can actually get around to updating this. Its been a hectic week with a funeral and trying to sort out all the stuff that goes with that around work. Now that its all over and I have had the weekend to blow off some steam I managed to get a wee bit of work done yesterday morning. 

This load of DZC UCM has been set up and sprayed Army Painter Camo Green (Imperial Guard Green). I was on that much of a roll I didnt even photograph them. After the green dried I airbrushed them brown (Vallejo Air Mahogany). Honestly its a very poor representation of a camo scheme but its 10mm and I wanted them painted for the tabletop. It was at this point I realised I was half way thru de-spruing my Early War Germans and went back to finish those. 

20 bases of infantry, 3 spotter teams and 6 command bases. Not bad for a single box. 

The quality of the PSC stuff isnt on par with the Battlefront stuff but honestly in 15mm who cares. Look at the picture and can you really tell the difference. If it was heroic 28mm or even 54mm I understand but anything 15mm and below within reason doesnt need all that much detail. Just plenty of decent bulk detail that you can contrast paint. 

Panzer Force Blue is nearing completion. I was given a few Cardassian ships to paint for a friend so they are next on the chopping block then I will hopefully have found my balls and actually tackle the NMM Gold effect I habe been shying away from for so long. 

Until next time 🙂


Real Life Interuptions

So its been a while, real life really has a way of stopping your hobby in its tracks, some family stuff that will sorted by the weekend then hopefully back on track. I have bee doing the odd bit of hobby when I get a chance however.

Work on the Early War Germans continues, now that the Panzers are sorted I am moving onto the infantry and they are sort of getting there. This shoddy picture is of them post wash, just need to do the helmets, add the Heer symbol then get them based. So I am about 50% of the way thru with them:

Also picked up some more DZC stuff for my UCM. I traded away the PHR pile from the show to my friend who already plays PHR and he gave me some UCM stuff in return. Few pics below of what I have to paint:

All in thats 4 Ravens (2 A and 2 B), a Ferrum, Kodiak, starter box plus 2 boxes of super special troops, cannot remember their name for the life of me. 

Paint Rack

So I seen an app on my adventures through WordPress that you imout your paint collection into and it helps you pick out triads etc using the paints you have. I decided to pick it up but havent got around to using it properly yet, I used the rapid scan feature to go through my Vallejo and P3 paints and then I hit the snag of GW’s super duper tiny barcodes on their paints and had the joy of imputing in all of them by hand. I am hoping that it will be worth it long term as the app looks quite good. PaintRack is the app’s and it cost around 3 quid.

Some of my PaintRack 

I will do a proper review after a few weeks of using it.

Three of my trays of paints, you can never have to many paints, this is around half my collection

More work on the Big E/Rogal Dorn. Finishing the blade of the power sword then its just the minor details. Im sure ive been saying that for weeks now

Airbrushing Again

Finally managed to get some airbrushing done in the new flat, not a complete sucess though. I can smell the paint all over the flat so I am pretty sure the extractor isnt working. Just need to open the doors and windows next time. Anyway here is a few pictures of the stuff that is finally based up:

Early war WW2 Germans, all nice and green ready for detail work

15 38ts and 3 panzer II’s ready for drybrushing and detail work

Some Pak 36’s I think and 10 or 15cm howizers, still learning the gun types

The Big E/Rogal Dorn finally has a semi decent looking power sword, still WIP

Damnable Decals

Madness, utter madness, decals in 15mm and 10mm is a pain in the arse. So much easier on 28mm models. Anyway here is a few shit pictures of my attempts, there will be better pictures later. On the 38t im thinking on changing from the red to yellow numbering, its far to dark sadly.

Also managed to figure out my airbush problem by making a super long exhaust hose that no doubt doesnt work but damn it looks good

Post Claymore Blues

Claymore is over so the next major show in Scotland is now Carronade, it feels like its a million years away, thankfully its only around 9 month away, not that I am counting down or anything. Claymore since its move from the old sports stadium to the new college feels like it has grown and this year was definitely the best organised I have seen it. This is most apparent in the bring and buy section that evolves every year. The traders again were top quality however I still think that Carronade is now thee premier Scottish Wargames show. All that was missing was a painting competition, mostly because I didn’t check the website and assumed that there was one.

The haul from Claymore wasn’t as impressive as I had hoped. I wasn’t able to find any traders who did UCM for Dropzone however I did buy over 20 quids worth of I-94 decals for my various projects. Most impressive was my £50 absolute steal of a PHR deal. Pictures below will show how absurd it was. I have since traded this to Sean as he does PHR and I really don’t fancy doing another Dropzone army so close to Dropfleet coming out.

In other news I did pick up Team Yankee from one of the traders although the plan is to do it in 6mm so I can utilise the small Soviet B grade Armoured force I have kicking around. I am going to proxy my T-62’s as T-72’s until I play a few games and maybe I will upgrade to a few proper T-72’s. Other than that it was mostly paints. I have a crazy number of paints and I still keep getting tempted to buy the Vallejo sets…soon.

This week I hope to get my airbrush back up and running and if I can I will be blasting through my 38(t)’s and the three new Panzer II’s that I picked up.

Until next time…


So I finally manged to get time to get a game in and it was pretty awesome. Only really played one game of Dropzone before yesterday and it was a learning game so didnt get a real feel for the game. Managed to squeeze in two games at the local wargames club and once you get the game down its a proper face paced game. It really feels like a quick to learn, long time to master sort of game. I sadly lost both games but both were right down to the wire on turn 6 with it going back and forth between myself and my opponent. I have to say it is a lot more fun than 40K, having been the game that got me into wargames a long long time ago, this just feels much more fluid and the rules are much more concise so far. I have already planned my purchases for Claymore in a few weeks time. A few pictures of the games below, was to busy playing to take pictures so only a few, also taken on a cameraphone so not the best quality.

Initially I wasnt a huge fan of the camo scheme I had selected but seeing them on the table I think it looks ok. Its quick and easy to do and for a skirmish game where the models spend a lot of time in between terrain it does work. I can see myself getting a second force at some point, probably PHR, and doing something different with them. Perhaps doing a similiar digi camo effect but with other colours this time.