Airbrushing Again

Finally managed to get some airbrushing done in the new flat, not a complete sucess though. I can smell the paint all over the flat so I am pretty sure the extractor isnt working. Just need to open the doors and windows next time. Anyway here is a few pictures of the stuff that is finally based up:

Early war WW2 Germans, all nice and green ready for detail work

15 38ts and 3 panzer II’s ready for drybrushing and detail work

Some Pak 36’s I think and 10 or 15cm howizers, still learning the gun types

The Big E/Rogal Dorn finally has a semi decent looking power sword, still WIP


The Emperor Protects

Managed a little more work on my Emperor/Rogal Dorn model today, finished off the head, attached the shoulder pads and base coated the sword. Not much left to do on the big man now.

Shoulder pads on, head still missing.

Head on a spike, very Ned Stark

Bitch I am fabulous

Sword based, little more work needed on the handle and the blade also 

Front shot of the big man

Comparison shot of Big E along side one of my favourite all time GW models

For the Emperor

During the move I decided that I was going to finish my Emperor of Mankind model that was purchased around 9/10 months ago. I was using it as a stand in for Rogal Dorn, Primarch of the Imperial Fists (kicking ass and taking names for over 10’000 years). Below is a little progress shot of the Dorn/Emp model as well as an older Instagram shot of him when I started on him a good while ago. Using Burnt Umber as a base colour is shameless stolen from Next Level Painting, an utterly epic Youtube channel about miniature painting.