Que maniacal laughter :-)

So it came today…

And it is epic. The book is just out of this world (bad pun) and the UCM and Scourge models are every bit as good as the Shaltari. I would 100% recommend this to anyone getting into the game. I was on the fence about getting the starter set as I love my Shaltari but I figured that it would be impolite to have a UCM ground force and no space backup.

Overall build time as about 2 hours start to finish for the UCM. I sat and watched Jerry Maguire with the mrs and it took around the length of the movie to 

Few pics below of the just finished building models

I ordered a few magnets today for them but I have another starter kit for UCM on the way so I will magnetise those guys when they arrive.

I forgot to post this previously, a before and after of the darker wash to show the difference. I feel that this is a really simple and easy way to get the Shaltari to a point where they are tabletop ready and it will allow you to do the details as well as use them. Nothing worse than not being able to use your models since they are on the paint table.

Until next time…



This will likely be my last painting update for a week or so as I am moving out to dogsit at my girlfriends parents house. The idea of shifting all my paints up scares me so I am thinking on taking a few odds and sods up at some point and maybe continue with the Shaltari or finish off the Sigmarines.  These Shaltari have totally sidetracked me and as you can see below I have made relatively good progress so far. This is the first of three coats of Baal Red wash on them:

Starting Shaltari…again

So this is my second attempt at running a Shaltari army, last time I was unable to grasp the rules so had to go back and learn with UCM. Now I am a little older and uglier I’m confident I can finally run them as they should be. Few pictures of the starter set base coated below, this is a similar process that I will be following when I get the Shaltari for DFC later in the year. 

The base colour is Army Painter Daemonic Yellow and I love the coverage on it. As you can see in the close up pictures it really does give you a nice base to work from. The link below is the rough painting path I will be following:

Hawk Shaltari Tutorial
More progress pictures as I get them


Surprise Shaltari!

Got a wee present from myself this morning, something that I totally forgot I ordered.

With my UCM having a very slapdash paint job on them I wanted to try my hand at the rather sexy looking Shaltari again. I have previously built and painted the Shaltari however I didnt understand how they worked in game. Now that I have a few games behind me with the UCM and a grounding in the rules I feel like its time to give them another shot. I am thinking on just going with the base orange that you see on the box, spray them yellow and build up the ink washes. Still undecided but thats where my head is just now. Gives me a lot of resources and saves me having to get my colour wheel out again 🙂


Third time is a charm I hope, set up my quick test for the crackle basing (sounds like a Lego Movie device) and it looks weird, pictures of said weirdness below:

It is a very unsexy wet gloopy mess, hopefully when I wake up tomorrow morning it will be a much more sexy looking lava-ish base. Fingers crossed.

I figured that since I am working away at the basing for the AoS Sigmarines I should actually do the models. I had a good 2 hours working on them tonight while watching American History X and I think I made quite good progress. As usual I have a few pictures at the end, just a rather important point before you see them:

  • I am speed painting, AoS interests me but not enough to spend hours on each model, it is sadly not BloodBowl :-p

99% of the blocking work is done now so its just odds and sods to get finished then I can wash them, seal them and base them. If I continue at my usual rate of progress expect them to be done some time early 2018 😂😂

Actually my curfew is the end of the month, with Dropfleet Commander (Battlefleet Gothic v2) coming out I need a clear desk for that and I still have a load of UCM to finish as well. 

Best get cracking… 

Basing Fail

So in a previous post I made an attempt at using the GW Technical paints aaaannnnndddddd it failed 😔 however not all is lost, I will return stronger, faster and apparently as a much thinner layer of paint.

I went wrong by adding too thick a layer of the technical paint over the base so my next attempt will be a much thinner layer so the cracking is more prominent. Update to follow tomorrow…ish 

Post Claymore Blues

Claymore is over so the next major show in Scotland is now Carronade, it feels like its a million years away, thankfully its only around 9 month away, not that I am counting down or anything. Claymore since its move from the old sports stadium to the new college feels like it has grown and this year was definitely the best organised I have seen it. This is most apparent in the bring and buy section that evolves every year. The traders again were top quality however I still think that Carronade is now thee premier Scottish Wargames show. All that was missing was a painting competition, mostly because I didn’t check the website and assumed that there was one.

The haul from Claymore wasn’t as impressive as I had hoped. I wasn’t able to find any traders who did UCM for Dropzone however I did buy over 20 quids worth of I-94 decals for my various projects. Most impressive was my £50 absolute steal of a PHR deal. Pictures below will show how absurd it was. I have since traded this to Sean as he does PHR and I really don’t fancy doing another Dropzone army so close to Dropfleet coming out.

In other news I did pick up Team Yankee from one of the traders although the plan is to do it in 6mm so I can utilise the small Soviet B grade Armoured force I have kicking around. I am going to proxy my T-62’s as T-72’s until I play a few games and maybe I will upgrade to a few proper T-72’s. Other than that it was mostly paints. I have a crazy number of paints and I still keep getting tempted to buy the Vallejo sets…soon.

This week I hope to get my airbrush back up and running and if I can I will be blasting through my 38(t)’s and the three new Panzer II’s that I picked up.

Until next time…