Slow Progress

So I can now say 100% without a shadow of a doubt that I hate any aspect of commision painting. It just sucks all the fun out of it. I find myself sitting at night looking at the model and making excuses to not work on it. Exactly the same way I feel about going to the gym or eating healthy actually. As such progress has been slow but the dread of the looming deadline has spurred me into action so a few shots below. 

These are all basic base colours with no highlights except the blue on the armour. Still quite a ways to go. Last pic I was bery tired so its a little blurry but its the most up to date. 
On the Hawk side of things I am the proud owner of 2 New York class Battleships and a Diamond Battleship. They will be magnatised to allow for the other variants to be used. Currently still in the packagaint until I can finish the Primarch. I am allowing for zero distractions.

One thing I did do on my nightshift week to change the pace a little is to start on altering some Magic cards. This is something I always wanted to do and it is much harder than I initially expected. Very different from my painting between the lines on a model.

Above is my first attempt, as you can see I copped out and didnt do anything with the lower part of the card. I have since rectified this and am now painting a Golgari symbol in there.

This is the initial sketch with green pencil, going to repaint it black then do an airbrush stencil and try it that way.

This is my second alter. One of my all time favourite lands. Below is how it looked originally (digital image) and also a before/after but with the before having a little base coat on it.

Overall I am happy with the Island alter, I have a few more planned but its just getting the time. From start to finish it can be done in 2 hours (or 2 Daredevil eppisodes) so its quick and fun. Definitly something you will see more of on this collection of inane ramblings.


Dropfleet Shaltari

Making slow and steady progress with the Shaltari. So far you have seen them basecoated yellow and I have a few progress pictures below. Over the Army Painter Daemonic Yellow I did a wash of GW Baal Red and then GW Agarax Earthshade.

Yellow with Baal Red wash

After the Agarax Earthshade wash

So far so good. I am now wondering what colours to use as details and focal points. Probably green, blue and metal but we shall see. Was tempted by a lighter metal but with the overall colour being darker than my DZC Shaltari I am leaning to a Boltgun Metal with Nuln Oil wash, something very dark.

Until next time…

Busy bee

So its been a week or so and again I have not been super lazy and avoided doing any hobby (much).

Last Sunday I managed a game of Dropzone with my Shaltari. The starter set is all finished to a decent tabletop level. I sadly lost as I found out how flimsy Shaltari can be when people are nasty and shoot at your.

My Dropfleet Shaltari arrived and boy are they beautiful. Took me a bit to get my head around the instructions but after you figure out how they go together they are very easy to build. Just a starter set for now but I have a 2 Player Starter Set en route as well as an additional UCM fleet. I plan on having the UCM as my main while the Shaltari are a nice side project to work on. The Scourge have been sold off to a friend. I am planning on painting and naming them after the UNSC ships from Halo 🙃

Finally this is my current to do list… not much as you can see. Pretty sure its grown since last month.

And finally a wee update from this morning as I got some paint on my Shaltari. Army Painter Daemonic Yellow, going to follow a similar process to the DZC Shaltari I have.

Also managed a game if Dropfleet yesterday. It is awesome. If you are on the fence about Battlefleet Gothic V2 then give it a go. Honestly cannot say enough good things about it. 

My only issue with it is that I now have to choose between it and Dropzone for what to play on a Sunday. Wonder if my other half will agree to another day of wargames a week….

Shaltari Run Out

Took my Shaltari for a run out today, suffered a hard defeat at the hands of the PHR sadly. My tactical inexperience with the new force really shone through while my opponent made some solid tactical choices at the right moments to utterly wipe the floor with me. I have a few pictures of the game below, just ignore the two Condors standing in as Medium Gates and the two gunless walkers

Paint Rack

So I seen an app on my adventures through WordPress that you imout your paint collection into and it helps you pick out triads etc using the paints you have. I decided to pick it up but havent got around to using it properly yet, I used the rapid scan feature to go through my Vallejo and P3 paints and then I hit the snag of GW’s super duper tiny barcodes on their paints and had the joy of imputing in all of them by hand. I am hoping that it will be worth it long term as the app looks quite good. PaintRack is the app’s and it cost around 3 quid.

Some of my PaintRack 

I will do a proper review after a few weeks of using it.

Three of my trays of paints, you can never have to many paints, this is around half my collection

More work on the Big E/Rogal Dorn. Finishing the blade of the power sword then its just the minor details. Im sure ive been saying that for weeks now

Claymore 2016 Prep

Claymore sneaks up on us again this Saturday, I put a few figures in the painting comp last year but they were True Scale Deathwatch and honestly not that great so as expected got no where. Ill throw a few pictures up for you all to have a giggle at.

Not the best quality pictures but good enough to get accross the painting quality.

This year I decided to throw in two models from my Imperial Fists, my favourite sculpt from any GW game line the Terminator Chaplain and also the Forge World Alexis Pollux. Both of these are, I feel, better quality than the Deathwatch guys but still a lot of areas that I can improve on.

In other news Operation Panzer rolls on at a snails pace. Rommel is 99.99% finished however the 38t horde is still a WIP. I have based them for spraying and plan on getting to them at some point this week…ish.

Next up on the GW front will be finishing off the Big E as well as sorting out Lorgar. He has been half finished for what feels like a million years. Few pics below on his current state.

He looks very unhappy at being left for so long.

Until next time…