Tutorial Day

So the teaching session was a sucess, both guys loved the game and want another. One of my friends already has PHR so he used those and the other friend used his Scourge. Sadly I was to excited to see another game as well as teach that I didnt take any pictures. I do have a few pictures below of some of the ships used however. 

If you only ever play I would recommend teaching a game. It gave me a different perspective on the game as I was still learning the rules however as I had no investment in the outcome it helped to see the rules more clearly. 

I looked at rules I already thought I knew slightly differently. My way of teaching is to spend the first two turns going through everything step by step and afterwards just let the guys get on with it and answer questions as we go along. Both guys are highly intelligent so there is no real need to baby them through a whole game. 

These are pictures of the ships still to be finished. Yesterday when we played they were fully painted. My other friends PHR were unpainted during the game so afterwards we went to mines and he airbrushed them Panzer Grey. The PHR look fantastic when they are airbrushed and I cannot wait to see what he does with them now. The concept he has for them sounds epic.

At the moment I am on a train to Glasgow to pick up some airbrush paints to get Robute Guilliman base coated and started. Tempted by the GW Air range but those pots, really?

Anyway until next time….


Shaltari Run Out

Took my Shaltari for a run out today, suffered a hard defeat at the hands of the PHR sadly. My tactical inexperience with the new force really shone through while my opponent made some solid tactical choices at the right moments to utterly wipe the floor with me. I have a few pictures of the game below, just ignore the two Condors standing in as Medium Gates and the two gunless walkers

A little 4 way action

Yesterday we managed another game of DZC at our club, we close to play a modified version of the 4 way mission in the core rulebook. The central building held the Intel and all 4 of us were required to extract it, as you can imagine with 4 armies dropping on one site it was total carnage. 

I had my UCM out again as my Shaltari are still on sprues and nails being painted, Robin was on my left and had some UCM also. On my right was Bob with his PHR and opposate me was Andy with his PHR. All four of us were using core sets as this is only Andy and Robin’s second game however we did add in some enviromental rules, specifically the lurker’s I believe they are called. 

My well used starter force, will need to get them some veteran markers soon

On the roll of a 6 when you enter a building these big nasties jump out at you and attack the squad. I was luckey enough to get three of these over the course of the game. As youcan imagine  with my infantry being rather squidgy it caused me all sorts of hassle.

First turn dash for the smaller building on my left to secure my flank, using the other building as a shield from those pesky PHR snipers with their Shaped Charges.

The game started out quite tentative as both UCM and PHR had some interal fighting. Eventually as some back and forth Robin decided to make a dash for the main building using the slight terrain advantage he had at his disposal. 

 My guys set up on overwatch and start to rain down rocket launcher shots on the Rapiers while Bob’s PHR picked up an excelent vantage point for the sniper rifles

The game ended a bit prematurely after an epic hand to hand battle that I didnt get pictures of. As I entered the objective building I rolled two 6’s and we got two of those big nasty creatures in a 3 way fight. Robin’s UCM infantry proved harder than mines as he killed both my squads then both the nasties. Sadly he was unable to exfil with the objective as Andy wiped out his transport options. The game was called a draw and since Robin was first to stop fighting and go for the objective he earned the title of Traitor, never to be forgotten.

A little more Dropzone

My weekend plans of doing the testing on the basing failed miserably. Instead I went out drinking and played Civ 5. Still a thoroughly enjoyable weekend. Today I managed to get some a game of Dropzone in and it was awesome. 5 player 1v1 game and it was epic. We decided to do starter sets only and it was 3 PHR, one Scourge and myself as UCM. I was planning a battle report but it was a bit mental so enjoy a few pictures of it and the updates of the basing will follow through the week.

A proper PHR spanking

That is exactly what I was given yesterday. My UCM was thoughly owned on the battlefield by some pretty poor tactical choices on my side and some really well calculated play by my opponent. We were playing 1500pts UCM v PHR. I cannot remember the mission however it had the massive tower in the middle. 

My initial plan was to take the tower quickly and hold it for the duration however this put me well out of support range for my tanks and AA and the building took a pounding. I took most of my INF casualties from falling masonry. The PHR interceptor is an absolute beast and outclassed my two A10’s.

Super quick dash for the big building in the middle.

In the end up I was left with a Ferrum, Kodiak and some Rapiers. Lessons were definitly learned 🙂 

Drones try to take out some heavy PHR toys

Weekend Warrior

The power is out in my office so I can actually get around to updating this. Its been a hectic week with a funeral and trying to sort out all the stuff that goes with that around work. Now that its all over and I have had the weekend to blow off some steam I managed to get a wee bit of work done yesterday morning. 

This load of DZC UCM has been set up and sprayed Army Painter Camo Green (Imperial Guard Green). I was on that much of a roll I didnt even photograph them. After the green dried I airbrushed them brown (Vallejo Air Mahogany). Honestly its a very poor representation of a camo scheme but its 10mm and I wanted them painted for the tabletop. It was at this point I realised I was half way thru de-spruing my Early War Germans and went back to finish those. 

20 bases of infantry, 3 spotter teams and 6 command bases. Not bad for a single box. 

The quality of the PSC stuff isnt on par with the Battlefront stuff but honestly in 15mm who cares. Look at the picture and can you really tell the difference. If it was heroic 28mm or even 54mm I understand but anything 15mm and below within reason doesnt need all that much detail. Just plenty of decent bulk detail that you can contrast paint. 

Panzer Force Blue is nearing completion. I was given a few Cardassian ships to paint for a friend so they are next on the chopping block then I will hopefully have found my balls and actually tackle the NMM Gold effect I habe been shying away from for so long. 

Until next time 🙂

Real Life Interuptions

So its been a while, real life really has a way of stopping your hobby in its tracks, some family stuff that will sorted by the weekend then hopefully back on track. I have bee doing the odd bit of hobby when I get a chance however.

Work on the Early War Germans continues, now that the Panzers are sorted I am moving onto the infantry and they are sort of getting there. This shoddy picture is of them post wash, just need to do the helmets, add the Heer symbol then get them based. So I am about 50% of the way thru with them:

Also picked up some more DZC stuff for my UCM. I traded away the PHR pile from the show to my friend who already plays PHR and he gave me some UCM stuff in return. Few pics below of what I have to paint:

All in thats 4 Ravens (2 A and 2 B), a Ferrum, Kodiak, starter box plus 2 boxes of super special troops, cannot remember their name for the life of me.