Knight Titan

Yet more old models come to the fore. When I first saw previews for this model, even though I had taken a step back from 40K and gaming in general, I knew I had to have it. And so I made my pre order at my FLGS and it was everything I had hoped for and more. It just oozes imtimidation, nothings says “dont fuck with me” like a massive chainsword.

Some time went by and I decided to paint it up in a very generic AdMech colour scheme with a little Imperial Fists thrown in for good measure. It has languished in a KR Case for a while now, painted but with no transfers on it. It finally has those now and just a little more work on the base will see this monster complete. 

Full on frontal

Named him Khan after the greatest Star Trek villan of all time, (very badly) hand painted banner

In other news I made a little progress with Operation Panzer. The drybrushing is now finished. Next up is the decals then onto the weathering.

Pre and post drybrushing

March of the Panzers

I will need to get a move on as these guys have their first game one week today.