Dropfleet Shaltari

Making slow and steady progress with the Shaltari. So far you have seen them basecoated yellow and I have a few progress pictures below. Over the Army Painter Daemonic Yellow I did a wash of GW Baal Red and then GW Agarax Earthshade.

Yellow with Baal Red wash

After the Agarax Earthshade wash

So far so good. I am now wondering what colours to use as details and focal points. Probably green, blue and metal but we shall see. Was tempted by a lighter metal but with the overall colour being darker than my DZC Shaltari I am leaning to a Boltgun Metal with Nuln Oil wash, something very dark.

Until next time…


Busy bee

So its been a week or so and again I have not been super lazy and avoided doing any hobby (much).

Last Sunday I managed a game of Dropzone with my Shaltari. The starter set is all finished to a decent tabletop level. I sadly lost as I found out how flimsy Shaltari can be when people are nasty and shoot at your.

My Dropfleet Shaltari arrived and boy are they beautiful. Took me a bit to get my head around the instructions but after you figure out how they go together they are very easy to build. Just a starter set for now but I have a 2 Player Starter Set en route as well as an additional UCM fleet. I plan on having the UCM as my main while the Shaltari are a nice side project to work on. The Scourge have been sold off to a friend. I am planning on painting and naming them after the UNSC ships from Halo 🙃

Finally this is my current to do list… not much as you can see. Pretty sure its grown since last month.

And finally a wee update from this morning as I got some paint on my Shaltari. Army Painter Daemonic Yellow, going to follow a similar process to the DZC Shaltari I have.

Also managed a game if Dropfleet yesterday. It is awesome. If you are on the fence about Battlefleet Gothic V2 then give it a go. Honestly cannot say enough good things about it. 

My only issue with it is that I now have to choose between it and Dropzone for what to play on a Sunday. Wonder if my other half will agree to another day of wargames a week….

Shaltari Run Out

Took my Shaltari for a run out today, suffered a hard defeat at the hands of the PHR sadly. My tactical inexperience with the new force really shone through while my opponent made some solid tactical choices at the right moments to utterly wipe the floor with me. I have a few pictures of the game below, just ignore the two Condors standing in as Medium Gates and the two gunless walkers

A little 4 way action

Yesterday we managed another game of DZC at our club, we close to play a modified version of the 4 way mission in the core rulebook. The central building held the Intel and all 4 of us were required to extract it, as you can imagine with 4 armies dropping on one site it was total carnage. 

I had my UCM out again as my Shaltari are still on sprues and nails being painted, Robin was on my left and had some UCM also. On my right was Bob with his PHR and opposate me was Andy with his PHR. All four of us were using core sets as this is only Andy and Robin’s second game however we did add in some enviromental rules, specifically the lurker’s I believe they are called. 

My well used starter force, will need to get them some veteran markers soon

On the roll of a 6 when you enter a building these big nasties jump out at you and attack the squad. I was luckey enough to get three of these over the course of the game. As youcan imagine  with my infantry being rather squidgy it caused me all sorts of hassle.

First turn dash for the smaller building on my left to secure my flank, using the other building as a shield from those pesky PHR snipers with their Shaped Charges.

The game started out quite tentative as both UCM and PHR had some interal fighting. Eventually as some back and forth Robin decided to make a dash for the main building using the slight terrain advantage he had at his disposal. 

 My guys set up on overwatch and start to rain down rocket launcher shots on the Rapiers while Bob’s PHR picked up an excelent vantage point for the sniper rifles

The game ended a bit prematurely after an epic hand to hand battle that I didnt get pictures of. As I entered the objective building I rolled two 6’s and we got two of those big nasty creatures in a 3 way fight. Robin’s UCM infantry proved harder than mines as he killed both my squads then both the nasties. Sadly he was unable to exfil with the objective as Andy wiped out his transport options. The game was called a draw and since Robin was first to stop fighting and go for the objective he earned the title of Traitor, never to be forgotten.


This will likely be my last painting update for a week or so as I am moving out to dogsit at my girlfriends parents house. The idea of shifting all my paints up scares me so I am thinking on taking a few odds and sods up at some point and maybe continue with the Shaltari or finish off the Sigmarines.  These Shaltari have totally sidetracked me and as you can see below I have made relatively good progress so far. This is the first of three coats of Baal Red wash on them:

Surprise Shaltari!

Got a wee present from myself this morning, something that I totally forgot I ordered.

With my UCM having a very slapdash paint job on them I wanted to try my hand at the rather sexy looking Shaltari again. I have previously built and painted the Shaltari however I didnt understand how they worked in game. Now that I have a few games behind me with the UCM and a grounding in the rules I feel like its time to give them another shot. I am thinking on just going with the base orange that you see on the box, spray them yellow and build up the ink washes. Still undecided but thats where my head is just now. Gives me a lot of resources and saves me having to get my colour wheel out again 🙂