PanzerForce Blue

Finally managed to get my Panzer’s to a point where I am happy using them on the table top. There is still more work to be done but they can be packed away now and depending on how much use they get I will see how much more work I want to put into them. Here is a few snaps below:

Also got started on my next wee side project, something to do while the paint is drying on other stuff, behold The Black Knight!!!

After the Panzers were sorted I moved onto the infatry, some PSC Early War Infantry, only one picture as I forgot to document their progress

No game this week sadly, did get some Magic in, 6 person draft and managed 2nd with a rather nice UB deck. Hoping to make the Conspiracy launch this weekend. Also made up my character for the next Sunday Night Roleplay game, Star Trek TNG era, I am the Chief Medical Officer…. Expect lots of dead crew