Basing Fail

So in a previous post I made an attempt at using the GW Technical paints aaaannnnndddddd it failed 😔 however not all is lost, I will return stronger, faster and apparently as a much thinner layer of paint.

I went wrong by adding too thick a layer of the technical paint over the base so my next attempt will be a much thinner layer so the cracking is more prominent. Update to follow tomorrow…ish 


4 thoughts on “Basing Fail”

    1. That was my original thought process so after testing again my friend called and said the best way is to put it on quite thick and let it dry. Apparently there is an optimum thickness for application. I will be retesting again over the weekend 🙂


  1. This is the original video that I seen with the Gw paints, it was so long ago that I forgot to rewatch it for the proper process. Looks excellent when it works


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